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2048 Cupcakes

Remember time when the whole world was crazy about the 2048 game ? You may know, that even today this simple game is on the top of it's popularity and thousands of people play it every day on their smartphones and PC. The huge popularity of the 2048 game gave the developers an idea to create different variations of the game with various objects and as a result today we can enjoy the 2048 Cupcakes - a cute remake of the original game where you have to move the cupcakes, sum two similar to get a new one and earn points. The rules of the game are simple - you move the tiles left,right,up or down to make the similar cupcakes join together to get a new one. As you progress in the game, it becomes more and more difficult to make new cupcakes and if there is no space left you lose the game. Enjoy the full version of the 2048 Cupcakes at our website for free on all platforms, including smartphones and table pc.

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