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Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is one of those addictive archery games that can entertain you for hours. Long time ago when I played the flash version of the Apple Shooter, I spend hours until I managed to make the good shots. Today, with the dead of the flash games, I though that my favorite game will be lost as many other cute games but thanks for the developers, they made a HTML5 version with the same graphics and gameplay so I can enjoy this game forever. The rules of the Apple Shooter game are not difficult - you must use your bow to shot the arrow straight inside the red apple which is situated on the head of a real man. If you miss the target you will have chance to make another shot. If you hit the man with your arrow, the game starts from the beginning. Every time you hit an apple the distance between you and your aim increases. The game is really very addictive and I am sure you will spend awesome time playing it at our website for free.

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