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Little Alchemy 2

If you are fan of science and alchemy games where you can have a lot of fun and at the same time get something new and become smarter, so let me introduce the second edition of the legendary game - Little Alchemy 2. The first version of the game was released long time ago and became one of the most popular alchemy games all around the world with more than 200 different elements to mix up and discover. So the new version of the game is now available for everyone and let me tell you a few words about the gameplay. In this game you have to mix two elements and try to create a new one. At the beginning of the game you have only 4 basic elements which you must mix together - Fire, Water,Ground and Air. For example, if you mix fire and water, you will get steam. The newly discovered elements will take place on the special board menu, so next time when you need them you can just drag and drop them to the main stage. Even though that the game is simple, you can really get something new playing it and uncover how some elements are created. Enjoy the full version of the Little Alchemy 2 for free.

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