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Surviv Io

As you might guessed from the name of the game, Surviv io is a multiplayer survival game where you have to play against real players all around the world and become the last man alive on the map. The game offers a really interesting battle royale gameplay - you find yourself on the big territory and you don't have even a weapon, so your mission is to find the weapon and go hunting. The other players will try to kill you so be very careful. The variety of weapons in Surviv io is really huge - you can get almost everything you want - from machine guns to rocket launchers and so on. All of the have different damage rate so you must find something that suits you the most - for example, in close battles it is better to use shotgun while long-range battles need more powerful weapons. The safe territory is becoming smaller as the time goes on and you have to move to green zone to survive. Enjoy the full version of the Surviv.io for free below.

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