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The Idiot Test

The Idiot Test is back and now you can play this awesome game for free at our website. The new engine for emulating old flash games is working good so now you can enjoy the retro games at our website for free. For those who have never played any version of the idiot test game before I would like to give some interesting advice about it. In fact, The Idiot Test is not just another silly game with silly questions. It is a great test for your memory and mental skills. The answers in this game may look a bit unusual - for example at the beginning you will be asked to press buttons with different colors. For example press green button, then red button twice and then blue button. It may seem a really easy task but as soon as you start to complete the task, the question disappear from the board so you must remember the question and do the quest. The game is not so difficult but in fact it is very addictive and interesting. You can test your memory skills.Play the full version of the Idiot Test for free at our website.

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