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Millionaire Quiz

Millionaire Quiz is one of those games which are well-known for everyone because of the popular Tv-Show where people have ability to use their knowledge and become a millionaire. This show was broadcasted for very long time and today it is still very popular. This game which is called Millionaire Quiz is an online edition of the legendary show where you can become the main character of the game to show your knowledge in different fields like sport, technology, music and others. At the beginning of the game you must choose the topics you are good at. There are not many topics so I am sure you can find a suitable one. As soon as you start the game, you will see a question on the screen and 4 possible answers. If you manage to give the right answer - you earn money and move to the next one. If you give the wrong answer - you lose the game and go home without money. If you are smart enough to answer all 15 questions - you become the millionaire. Hope you will enjoy the game with us.

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