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Run 3

If you love to play running games, then Run 3 is another awesome and addictive running game which you can play online for free. In fact, it is the third edition of the legendary game with a lot of interesting features and characters. The rules in this game are pretty basic - you are running through the tubes and have to keep away from dangerous places where you can fall down. If you fall down - you start the level from the beginning. The game becomes more and more difficult as you progress and will require genuine reaction skills to reach the finish line. You can also notice that the character become faster and this means that you have only one moment to make a decision. In Run 3 you can unlock the new characters which can make bigger jumps or have other useful skills. The game is available in several game modes including Endless Running mode or Levels Mode. Play the full version of the Run 3 game for free at our website.

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